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Making the Most of Your Corporate Travel Expenditures

Corporate Travel


Although we do more and more work online than ever before, corporate travel is still a mainstay of the business world. While some of these costs are unavoidable, there are ways to save money on corporate travel and make the most of travel expenditures. Here are a few tips for making your travel dollars go as far as possible.


Incentives Add Up

The travel industry is lucrative, but it’s also competitive, and travel-related companies often go out of their way to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty. Incentive travel packages allow you to recoup some of what you spend on corporate travel expenditures, and these programs are especially rewarding for businesses. Travel providers know that businesses grow and travel regularly, so many of their incentives offer significant savings.


A Bit of Fun Along With Work

Business travel often involves employees having to entertain themselves while away from home. While this can be fun, most employees don’t view it as much of a vacation. However, managers can coordinate with corporate event planners to schedule fun and rewarding activities for employees while they’re away from home. These events don’t necessarily have to be strictly related to work; a bit of team-building while on the road can lead to better communication and camaraderie when travelers return.



Although employees will need some downtime to relax while they travel, some become frustrated when they’re away from the office. By investing in telecommuting infrastructure, managers can ensure that employees can access their work information while waiting to meet with a client or waiting to board a flight. These tools have additional benefits as well, including allowing employees to access documents while meeting with a client.


Cutting Back on Travel

Inertia has a major impact on businesses of all sizes, and managers don’t always take into account all options at their disposal. This is especially true of travel, and some managers are likely to continue scheduling trips even when there are viable alternatives. Virtual meetings are more effective than ever before, and modern solutions can lead to seamless meetings without incurring expensive travel costs. While these meetings can’t replace all face-to-face meetings, eliminating a few trips per year can quickly cover the cost of virtual meeting infrastructure.

Efficiency is at the core of sound business operation, but efficiency isn’t always about cutting costs or putting in extra hours. By taking some time to consider outside-the-box strategies with regard to business travel, both large and small companies can make the most of the money spent on travel.



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Gawk At India’s Golden Triangle


Delhi. Agra. Jaipur. All cities considered to be part of what is referred to as India’s Golden Triangle. Visiting these three destinations on your next vacation is the ideal India tours by Tour East Holiday to see the top that India has to offer. This classic India traveller’s package features all the classics along with something just a little different to make your tour just a little more diverse. For vacationers looking to trace the Golden Triangle on an incredible six day trip across India, this tour from Tour East Holidays is the perfect tour for you!

All for the Agra Fort

Located in Agra, this UNESCO World Heritage site is only a short distance from the equally beautiful Taj Mahal. More than a fort, the Agra Fort is more a walled city that was built in the 11th century. Travellers with this vacation package can expect to see incredible arches and architecture that are a perfect representation of the splendour of ancient India. The Agra Fort has been famously features in a few examples of popular culture, making it the place to be for original Sherlock Holmes fans! Book this vacation now to see one of the marvels of Agra.

Precious Amber in Jaipur

Another day, another fort tour with Tour East Holidays! The Amber Fort, situated in Jaipur, is known for its artistic elements and astounding palace. The palace, built from red sandstone and glossy marble is an opulent affair with four different sections featuring a courtyard each. Also home to the Sila Devi temple famous for its silver embossed doors and guarding silver lions along the entrance. Travellers will have the opportunity to tour through what was once the private quarters of the Maharaja, as well as viewing the glittering mosaics made by artisans centuries ago.

Do the best in New Delhi

Between Old and New Delhi, travellers on this India Tour from Tour East Holidays will be able to see the best of both worlds. The India Gate war memorial, the Akshardham celebrating Indian arts and the Lotus Temple with its flowery design are all sights to see in New Delhi, while Old Delhi has features like the gorgeous city’s principal worship place Jama Mosque, the Red Fort and for the shopper in us all the Old Delhi Bazaar filled with the wonders of Delhi. Start and finish off your India tour in Delhi, with six days spent in the majesty of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

5 Things Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals Offers That Hotels Don’t

Vacation Furnished Apartment Rental

When planning a vacation, whether within Canada or to a more exotic locale, a short term rental Mississauga is a great alternative to the standard hotel room. For reasons ranging from convenience to price, it is an option which travelers should embrace. From families to groups of friends, many travelers can benefit from these homes away from home.

1. Save Money

If staying somewhere for only one night, a hotel may make sense. However, if a vacation is intended to last a week or more a vacation furnished apartment rental becomes an increasingly intelligent financial choice. This becomes especially true with a large group, as an apartment or house with multiple bedrooms is almost always cheaper than the equivalent number of hotel rooms.

2. Cook At Home

For some, cooking is a relaxing hobby in itself. For others, it is yet another way to save some money while on vacation. Either way, a furnished apartment provides vacationers with the flexibility of cooking some of their meals rather than having to eat out three times a day. This can add up to big savings over the course of a few days or weeks.

3.Pack Light, Go Home Clean

Another very real advantage that furnished apartments have over hotel rooms is their laundry facilities. This means that travelers can pack lighter, and it means that everyone can go home with a suitcase of clean clothes rather than a bag full of laundry. Families with young children will especially appreciate this amenity, but it is useful even for groups of friends who are vacationing together.  Here’s a great site that shows you cooking recipes based on the local foods in area.

4. Privacy is Paramount

Everyone has been in hotels with paper thin walls. While listening to the argument in the next room can replace watching television, not everyone enjoys second hand drama. Vacationers who prefer to focus on relaxing and exploring will appreciate the privacy that a private rental affords. Another factor that increases privacy is the lack of daily housecleaning, which some may view as a negative but also means that no strangers are in the rooms while the guests are out.

5. More Personality and Personalization

Many hotel rooms are cut from the same mold. Furnished apartment rentals come in all shapes and sizes, however. Some are bright and colorful, while others are modern and minimalist. Likewise, guests can speak to owners beforehand to personalize exactly what amenities and services they’d like, from free internet to extra towels. It is sometimes even possible to rent a private chef for a night, or to add a weekly housekeeper if it is so desired. Likewise, while hotel front desks may be willing to give out restaurant recommendations, private owners usually know their neighborhood better than any receptionist. This feeling of being in a real home, cared for by real people, is something hotels lack.

Travel Clinics Can Help Prevent A Nightmare Vacation

Doctor Listening To Male Patient's Chest

Most people have long-term relationships with their family physician or pediatrician and never think about using a walk-in clinic as a means to healthcare. In fact, it might even seem foreign to them. However, when traveling or after regular doctor hours, urgent care clinics are a cost-effective and easily accessible in time of an emergency. If you aren’t able to reach your regular family doctor, a walk-in travel clinic Toronto may be the better choice than sitting in the emergency room for a minor medical problem.


Advantages of Urgent Care Centers

When on vacation, you never know when something is going to happen. You packed bandages, medical tape and pain relief medication, but there is one thing you forgot. You needed to have specific vaccinations for your chosen destination. With all of the excitement about seeing the world and going to an exotic location, you forgot that travel vaccines were required. With a simple phone call, medical assistance is easily able to update any necessary inoculations.

Travel clinics employ medical professionals who are knowledgeable in travel health. They have up-to-date information on which specific vaccinations are required or recommended for those travelling to various locales. Even if you happen to be an avid traveler, you can still benefit by stopping in a travel clinic since the recommendations may have changed since the last time you were on vacation. It’s possible you could need a booster shot for an injection you received previously.

Before your visit, be sure you have the following medical information handy for easy access:

    • Your complete medical history including allergies to medications and past surgical
    • A record of prior immunizations.
    • Insurance information.
    • Detailed itinerary of your current travel plans.

Routine childhood vaccinations are usually covered by health insurance. To be certain, you should check with your family physician whether you will have to pay for any other additional injections. If so, you will pay directly or via your private insurance plan. When you visit a travel clinic, be honest with medical personnel. People with autoimmune disorders such as lupus or HIV need to inform the medical staff as it could impact the outcome. Individuals currently undergoing chemotherapy need to inform the healthcare staff prior to undergoing any medical treatment. These factors, along with your current medical prescriptions, if any, will determine which treatment is most suitable for you.


Which Inoculations are Readily Available?

Childhood and routine inoculations are covered under most public health insurance plans. You will have to pay for additional preventive measures directly or through your private health insurance. Double-check with your doctor to determine which are covered and which are not. Routine immunizations include:
Tetanus and diphtheria.
Hepatitis A and B.


Which Do I Need?

Depending on where your travels take you, you could need one or more of the following:
Hepatitis A.

Traveling should be fun and without worry. But in the unlikely event that a medical issues arises, being able to receive prompt treatment is crucial. If in doubt, the CDC is easily accessible online at

Travel Checklist For Carry On Luggage When Flying

Have you ever been on a flight and realized that you forgot to pack an item in you carry-on luggage? Perhaps you forgot it altogether, or you thought well enough that it would be fine in your regular luggage for when you arrive at your destination. Depending on the length of your flight, failing to pack your carry-on bag correctly can be frustrating. Discomfort isn’t the only thing you have to worry about, however, as lost luggage can mean all you have on your person is your carry-on bag.

Now you’re thinking on the right plain, pardon the pun, and you’re ready to pack that carry-on bag properly. As you can imagine, the first part of the travel checklist for carry-on luggage is going to deal with your identity. This means you need your ID’s, passports and any other important documents that are with you on your trip.

Most people do make sure they have all forms of money on their person or in their carry-on bags when traveling by plain. However, it goes without saying that there are still people that are lackadaisical when it comes to protecting their money. Perhaps you have the cash on you, but a couple of your cards and maybe your traveler’s checks are in your luggage. Put it all in your carry-on bag, purse, wallet or on your person.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? It’s always good to have an extra pair of glasses, extra contacts and the likes, and you’re going to want these things in your carry-on bag.

Say you do end up being a victim of lost luggage. Which hotel are you checking in at? What about your rental car? Do you have a connecting flight? There are all kinds of things that can go wrong if you don’t have your itinerary information in your carry-on bag. If your luggage is lost, you’ll still know what you’re doing and have everything you need to help you get it done.

What electronics are you taking with you for entertainment during the flight? You need your phone for sure, and for goodness sake, make sure you keep your keys in your carry-on bag, too. You don’t want to lose those. You also don’t want to lose any prescription medications that you are taking. That about does it for this travel checklist for your carry-on bag in regards to your next flight.

Indispensable Vacation Safety Tips

Vacations are a time to get away from the troubles and drama of home, the last thing you want to do is slog through the troubles and dramas of the Vacation gone South, and I don’t mean to New Zealand. The worst of vacation woes can be dealt with by simple planning and facing flakey situations with extreme prejudice.

Following are some Helpful Vacation Safety Tips worth considering, they just might keep you and your family having fun on your trip abroad.

1. Consider Travel Insurance

I never used it myself, but found that it literally saved the lives, or at least the sanity, of some families that were vacationing two bungalows over. It will mainly cover medical expenses, but that in itself is quite beneficial when dealing with foreign medical systems. Sometimes the “Foreigner Charge” can run suspiciously high.

2. Get vaccinated

And while we are talking about foreign medical systems, you may benefit from a vaccination to keep you safe from the many illnesses in the regions you will be visiting, and successfully avoid them. Wouldn’t it be a shame to be sick on your visit?

3. Beware of the Local Internet Cafe

There has been a rash of travelers who have noticed considerable deductions to bank accounts and credit cards while abroad. Many times this has to do with programs on local PCs designed to glean credit card numbers and other banking information. There can even be hackers lurking near “Free WiFi” connections waiting to “eavesdrop” on your financial profile. Don’t be a victim, keep your communications and financial information on secure lines and out of the pockets of miscreants.

4. Beware of the Guy wearing a Square Watch

Seriously, you should be just as careful of the guy with round watch or no watch. It is really difficult to profile the potential bozo trying seperate you from your travel resources, but they are out there. They are often extremely helpful and friendly as well, but then again so are many good hearted locals. The best advice is to never let your guard down and keep on eye on your valuables, including travelling companions, at all times.

By keeping some good common sense and these essential vacation safety tips, at the forefront of your approach, you and your party should have a great vacation and return home with only good memories and nifty souvenirs.

Travelling During A Recession: Tips On Saving

When the economy is suffering through a recession, it is common for family vacations to be one of the first luxuries placed on the chopping block. There is a need for people to get away from their daily lives every so often, however, and vacations can also be a great bonding experience. Instead of cutting out vacations altogether, families and individuals need to discover inexpensive ways to travel to new places.

Finding an Inexpensive Hotel

Lodging expenses are among the most cost prohibitive aspects of any trip. Rather than let this stop you, however, you simply need to do some research. There are multiple websites that are able to offer you the opportunity to book into a high class hotel for a discount rate. You can also save money by participating in a hotel chain’s rewards program and by looking up the social networking pages for each of the hotels that you are considering. It is common for hotels to provide special discounts for their Facebook fans and Twitter followers, so make sure you look into that before you book a room.

Saving Money on Meals

Although it might cost a few more dollars each night, you should consider staying at a hotel that offers a kitchenette. If a kitchenette is not available, then you should look for a room that has at least a miniature refrigerator. This will allow you to make several of your own meals. Eating out three times a day is extremely expensive, but packing a picnic lunch and then making food in the hotel room for dinner will be comparable to the cost of your regular grocery expenses.

Ask for Discounts on Local Attractions

Most hotels have discount coupons available for local attractions. Before you head out the door each morning, you should consult with the front desk to see if they are able to provide you with any coupons or vouchers. Many museums also offer free or discounted days, so make sure that you do some research to determine which attractions are best for which days. It would make no sense to go to the museum on Tuesday if they offer a half price option on Wednesday, for example, but a lot of people fail to plan such things out. By thinking ahead, you can save a lot of money.

Flying vs. Driving

Most people assume that driving is always the cheapest option, but this is not necessarily the case. Do an analysis of the gas prices along your route, and compare the total cost to the cost of flying to your destination. Do not forget to factor in transportation costs at your destination, and make sure that you look for sales before you book a flight.

Where Should I Go?

If money is really tight, then you should probably go to a location that is only a few hours away. Hotels are also often cheaper in smaller towns, so consider taking a trip to a less popular destination. Regardless of where you go, however, a little forethought and research will allow you to dramatically reduce the total cost of your trip.

A Resort For All Seasons: Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Resort is synonymous with winter; skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and seeing its picturesque landscape are among the most popular wintertime activities here. But even when it’s not winter, Blue Mountain offers plenty of fun activities and recreational opportunities. From world-class golf to hitting the trails on a mountain biking adventure, Blue Mountain Resort provides plenty of fun during the other three seasons of the year. So grab your bike, tennis racquet or golf clubs and head on up to Canada’s premier mountain resort any time of the year.

Canada’s Best Golfing Experience

Blue Mountain boasts the Monterra Golf Course, one of Ontario’s finest golf courses and among the best in all of Canada. Monterra offers 18-holes of world-renowned golf set amidst the natural beauty and splendor of Blue Mountain. Razorback mounding, fairways, bunkers, creeks, ravines, lakes and other beautiful landscaping features offer plenty of fun and challenge for golfers of all levels. Additionally, Monterra is host to a golf shop, deli, bar and state-of-the-art practice area for golfers to enjoy. One of the top golf courses in Canada, Monterra is just one reason to visit Blue Mountain at any time of the year.

A Mountain Biker’s Dream

The Blue Mountain Bike Park is the largest in Ontario offers plenty of terrain for mountain biking enthusiasts to explore and conquer. Situated in the heart of Blue Mountain’s lush scenery, the Blue Mountain Bike Path offers pleasant cross-country paths as well as white-knuckle downhill paths to discover. A wide array of park passes and tickets are available and the park offers lesson packages as well. No matter what type of mountain biking terrain you like, you’re sure to find it at the Blue Mountain Bike Park.

Year-round tennis

The cutting-edge, indoor facilities of Monterra Tennis offer plenty of great opportunities for casual and competitive play. Boasting five omni courts and a temperature-controlled environment, Monterra Tennis offers fun every month of the year. Outdoor tennis courts that afford scenic views of the landscape are available as well.

A World of Adventure to Discover

Blue Mountain’s Adventure Park boasts a wide array of recreational and leisure activities to enjoy on a summer vacation. Mountain Segway tours offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain scenery while the Cascade Putting Course offers 18-holes of pure fun and challenge. Be sure to also check out Blue Mountain Beach, Plunge! Aqua Centre, the Climbing Wall, the thrilling Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster and the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure, home to some of Ontario’s most spectacular natural sights and scenery.

Even more fun and excitement abounds at Blue Mountain Resort year round. The resort’s world-class spas, shops, restaurants and nightlife spots offer plenty of fun no matter what time of year it is. For Ontario’s best adventures, Blue Mountain is the place to go.

Discount Vacations

Finding travel deals is not always easy. It requires persistence, but the results are definitely worthwhile. Being able to travel more frequently, and without depleting the savings of a lifetime, is an excellent goal for the most dedicated traveler.

An economical, fun and relaxing way to vacation is on a cruise. Cruises depart all around the world each week of every year. They may take passengers to Alaska, the Mediterranean or Antarctica. Itineraries range from just two or three days up to two weeks or longer. Taking a cruise is similar to reserving an all inclusive vacation package. When passage is booked, the passenger pays for meals, transportation, lodging and entertainment all at once. Other expenses that are incurred on board the vessel, such as for alcoholic beverages or spa treatments, are at the discretion of the traveler.

Many people who have not cruised before hold the misapprehension that cruising is expensive. The reality is that cruising may appear expensive on the surface because so many of the costs are paid for up front. Prospective cruisers should closely compare the cost of a cruise with the cost of booking a flight, hotels, rental car and dining on a different vacation. It’s quite likely they will be pleasantly surprised by the cost savings available on most cruise sailings.

Cruising is a relatively inexpensive vacation choice. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to book passage at discounted rates. Travelers may benefit by booking well in advance, perhaps as much as a year or more before sailing. These early bird savings are sometimes substantial, and these guests will have the advantage of more cabin choice. However, even larger discounts are available for flexible travelers who book at the last minute. Making a cruise reservation fewer than three months before the sailing date can garner some truly spectacular savings.

Cruise lines typically offer great last minute deals because they hate to see their ships leave port with empty cabins. The goal of any cruise line is to be 100% booked on every voyage. Accordingly, when they are faced with unsold cabins and a sailing date that is imminent, they start slashing prices. Passengers who book late get the same itinerary and enjoy the same onboard amenities. The one drawback is that they are not likely to have a broad choice of cabins. However, since cruises are all about getting out to enjoy the ship’s amenities and the exotic ports of call, this usually is not too much of a hindrance.

Whether the traveler books early or late, they may still benefit from incentives like free cabin upgrades and onboard credits for certain dollar amounts. These perks are frequently made available by the cruise lines and can provide a nicer cabin in a better location and some extra money to spend while on board the ship. By carefully monitoring cruise prices to look for reductions and taking advantage of cabin upgrades and onboard credits, it’s easy to book discount travel on a cruise.