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Helpful Vacation Safety Tips worth considering, they just might keep you and your family having fun on your trip abroad.
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Making the Most of Your Corporate Travel Expenditures

Although we do more and more work online than ever before, corporate travel is still a mainstay of the business world. While some of these costs are unavoidable, there are ways to save money on corporate travel Toronto and make the most of travel expenditures. Here are a few tips for making your travel dollars go as far as possible.

May 2, 2016 / No Comments

Gawk At India’s Golden Triangle

Delhi. Agra. Jaipur. All cities considered to be part of what is referred to as India’s Golden Triangle. Visiting these three destinations on your next vacation is the ideal India tours by Tour East Holidays to see the top that India has to offer. This classic India traveller’s package features all the classics along with something just a little different to make your tour just a little more diverse. For vacationers looking to trace the Golden Triangle on an incredible six day trip across India, this tour from Tour East Holidays is the perfect tour for you!

March 13, 2016 / No Comments

5 Things Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals Offers That Hotels Don’t

When planning a vacation, whether within Canada or to a more exotic locale, a short term rental Mississauga is a great alternative to the standard hotel room. For reasons ranging from convenience to price, it is an option which travelers should embrace. From families to groups of friends, many travelers can benefit from these homes away from home.

February 11, 2016 / No Comments

Travel Clinics Can Help Prevent A Nightmare Vacation

Most people have long-term relationships with their family physician or pediatrician and never think about using a walk-in clinic as a means to healthcare. In fact, it might even seem foreign to them. However, when traveling or after regular doctor hours, urgent care clinics are a cost-effective and easily accessible in time of an emergency. If you aren’t able to reach your regular family doctor, a walk-in travel clinic Toronto may be the better choice than sitting in the emergency room for a minor medical problem.

January 24, 2016 / No Comments